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Credit card payments can now be made at: Follow the directions on the site.

There are fees associated with paying on line. If using a credit card, there is a 2.45% charge; to use a debit card, there is a flat $3.95 charge. If using your checking account, there is a fee of $1.75.

Many residents call our offices asking similar questions. To save you time, the Town of Newfane’s Tax Office has compiled a list of frequently asked questions. Hopefully, you can find the answer to your question here. If not, feel free to contact our office.

Why did I receive my tax bill? My property is in escrow.

The escrow holder (bank or mortgage company) is responsible for providing the tax office with a current listing of tax bills held in escrow during the month of December prior to tax bill mailing. When this does not occur, the tax bill is mailed to the homeowner to keep the homeowner informed as to the whereabouts of the tax bill to avoid any late charges.

How can I tell that I have an exemption on my tax bill?

Any applicable exemption will show in the assessed value on the first line of your tax bill and shows in the County portion. It does not apply to the special districts portion of your bill.

Why doesn’t my STAR exemption show on my tax bill?

The STAR exemption only applies to the school tax bill.

Don’t I automatically get a discount on my taxes when I turn 65?

The OVER 65 exemption must be applied for before March 1 of the year preceding the year it applies to, and is based on income. More information is available at the Assessor’s Office.

What numbers do I put on my check to identify my payment?

Each property is given a unique number that never changes unless the property size changes called Section-Block-Lot. This number (format 00.00-00-000) can be used or the bill number can be used. This will insure that the payment is applied correctly.

Why do I make my check out to the tax collector by name?

Checks made out to the Receiver of Taxes, followed by the title collector, are less apt to be applied to other Town accounts in the event of a mixup and makes the tax collector the responsible body when the tax is received.

My tax bill is too confusing. How can I tell what it means?

Please bring your bill to the office and we will gladly explain any items that are unclear.

I will be away, can I pay my tax bill early?

The tax bills come from the Niagara County Real Property Tax Office toward the end of December. You can contact the Newfane Tax Office and make arrangements prior.

Can I pay my tax bill with my Social Security check?

Unfortunately, it is required by law that checks received in the tax office be made payable to the Receiver of Taxes, by name in the exact amount of the bill.

My spouse is no longer living. Can the name be removed from my bill?

Yes. By providing proof of death at the Assessor’s Office, they will be glad to help you.

I have unpaid water and/or unpaid sewer charges on my bill and I paid my water bill. What is this?

If by chance a water bill was unpaid for a period during the previous year, the charge will be relieved onto your town and county tax. The bill must be paid in its entirety. The cutoff date is generally the previous June. By providing proof of payment at the Water Office the charge can be removed. However, the process for removal will be presented to the County Legislature for action after follow through from the Water Department and the Assessor’s Office, and if the bill has been paid, reimbursement will be made from the Tax Office.

I didn’t pay my school tax when it was due. Can I pay that now?

When the school tax is not paid by the cutoff date shown on the bill, the tax amount is relieved onto the Town and County tax bill. The school and town tax bills are now one bill and, by law, must be paid in its entirety.

My property is no longer in escrow. Who must I notify to receive my tax bill?

Please call the Assessor’s Office as soon as possible to change your bank code status. If change information happens after the cutoff and the County is in the process of printing tax bills and the escrow holder did not notify the town of the change, the tax bill will be held in the tax office assuming payment by an escrow holder. Tax bills are mailed by December 31. If the homeowner has not received the bill in a reasonable amount of time a copy can be issued from the Tax Office. All you need to do is call our office.

Hours of Collection

Jan. 1 to Feb. 1

9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

(Open During Lunch Hour)

Month of February
 Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Month of March
 Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Credit card payments can be made at: Taxes are collected in person at the Town Hall Tax Office. Cash, as well as checks made out to Terri L. Iannucci, Collector, are acceptable currency. You can also make a payment at the kiosk at Town Hall. 

Payment through the mail should be directed to:

Terri L. Iannucci
 2737 Main St.
 Newfane, N.Y. 14108

Town of Newfane Receiver of Taxes and Assessments

Terri L. Iannucci

P: 716-778-8531, ext. 113
 (Viable only from Jan. 1 to March 31)